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Upcoming Events in Neighboring Chapters

Price: $15.00 for members; $25 for nonmembers

FREE Event!  New York: Westchester Writer & Illustrator Day

1:30 pm – 4:00 pm

First Baptist Church
456 North St – White Plains, NY

Creating stories can be a very solitary sport. If you’re spending hours at a time staring at a screen, holding a pencil, or sitting at a desk, it’s time to get moving — both in the physical and inspirational sense!

Unplug and meet up with your fellow writers and illustrators for a day of wellness. Workshops will include:

*Simple yoga stretches for common aches and pains with Caryna Wong

   *Essential oils to spark creativity, energy, and focus with writer Jodi Kendall

   *Meditation writing prompts with writer Laurie Calkoven

Free for members of SCBWI – please register to reserve a spot.

$10 for non-members (purchase here)


West-Central Upstate NY – 2 Day Conference

Tired of bracing for cold weather and snow!!!

Instead…feel inspired and rejuvenated at the fun & informative TWO-DAY Spring Fever Conference (March 23rd & 24th) hosted by the West-Central Upstate NY region. Brace for a blast of great sessions, peer critique opportunities, and insightful new ideas!


Utah/South Idaho: Picturing Your Next Picture Book, from Proposal through Publication

Webinar with Chronicle Books Senior Editor Naomi Kirsten

Saturday, February 23rd, 2019 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm Mountain Standard Time

$15 for Members, $30 for Non-members

Register here

Webinar Summary:

How do you increase your chances of getting published? It helps to have a strong manuscript, a compelling pitch, and, yes, a window into an editor’s thought process. This content-rich webinar will tackle all three of these considerations and more, guiding attendees through the development of a successful picture book pitch all the way through the development process en route to publication, giving illuminating glimpses into what a children’s book editor is thinking along the way. During this two-hour webinar, Naomi Kirsten will also walk webinar attendees through select picture books that she has developed with authors and illustrators at Chronicle Books.

Webinar objectives:
— Gain a deeper understanding of the acquisition process. What is Chronicle Books looking for when considering a picture book manuscript?
— Walk through the publication process once a picture book manuscript is acquired by a publisher like Chronicle Books.
— Undertake a deep dive of three published picture books, from the original pitch through the development process to publication.
— Unpack key Children’s book trends and themes that have endured for the past decade, while examining emerging trends.
— Explore the non-fiction picture book opportunities for first-time authors.

Questions? Please e-mail Annie Bailey at


Nebraska: E.B. Lewis: Keepin’ It Real!

Researching for Authenticity in Picture Books.

E.B.’s webinar was so jam-packed full of useful, actionable information that we wanted to be sure everyone who wants the opportunity to watch it gets to do so. I’m not even an illustrator, and the webinar really resonated with me.


• Setting and location–how to get it right
• Finding authentic clothing
• Use of models (and how to find people willing to model for you)

The replay will be available until February 10, if you would be interested in sharing with your members. They can find more information and register here.