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NJ SCBWI Has A New Logo!

This spring, we held a logo contest. Over 60 people entered, submitting strong work that made judging difficult. Because we are fond of our members and know most of you well, we asked Sarah Hokanson, the Associate Art Director at RandomHouse, to judge the entries. She returned these three as the top selections: a winner and two runners-up. Congratulations to the selected illustrators, and to everyone who participated. We were all very proud of the work that was submitted to Sarah. 


1. Tell us a bit about yourself, and your art journey.

Since a very young age, I was involved in art. I use to draw comic strips and funny advertisements when I was young. I went to Kutztown University and majored in Communication Design to become a graphic designer and I minored in photography. I have worked as a graphic artist for many years and I love it. I always had a strong fine art background and loved to draw. I developed an interested in book illustration so I started taking classes a few years ago. I began with traditional techniques, acrylic, and gouache. As much as I enjoy traditional painting and drawing I wanted to try digital illustration. In 2017 I made the jump to digital by purchasing an iPad pro and began using Procreate. It was a natural transition for me since I have always worked on a computer as a graphic artist.

2. What kind of illustration work do you do or want to do? (Include website) 

I am interested in illustrating middle-grade chapter books as well as picture books. I would like to do a nonfiction book for children with historical figures. I like historical figures drawn in a stylized and whimsical reinterpretation. My website is and I’m on Instagram at flp_designs

3. What inspired you to make this logo?

The challenge was to make the SCBWI logo that represents New Jersey.

I love New Jersey, there are so many great things that make our state stand out it was hard to pinpoint one idea.

I decided to go with a Diner theme for the logo.

Did you know that New Jersey is the Diner Capital of the World?! This is a fact, you can look it up. Diners have a fun, vibrant and nostalgic feel to them, which is what I feel New Jersey has.

The logo also has the standard open 24 hrs neon sign that so many Diners in NJ have.

I felt this relates to SCBWI as well the creative flow of its members as it is always open for business.

4. Did you have any idea that this would rise to the top of the 60+ entrants?

I did not think I would win but I did hope that I would. I was very happy with how the logo design turned out. I still can not believe that I won, I am still walking on cloud 9.

5. Do you write as well as illustrate? If so, what projects are you working on?

I write a little. I have 2 picture book stories that I have been working on. One is about an adopted rescue dog, that happens to be my dog, who believes he is of actual royal descent. The other is the story of a girl and her personal style of dressing. I have done a few mock-ups of the books and will probably develop it more before I have a finalized version.

6. How long have you been connected to SCBWI?

I became a member of SCBWI in 2015. I have attended 4 summer conferences and last fall I went to my first Craft weekend sessions.

7. Who are your illustration influences?

Illustrators I love: David Roberts, Julia Sárda, Dan Santat, David Shannon.